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Christians Supporting Community Organizing (CSCO) is a bold national attempt to change the relationship between the theologically conservative parts of the Protestant church and community organizing.

from the report by USC's Center for Religion and Civic Culture (Fall, '99). For entire report see CSCO website in "About Us."


The purpose of Christians Supporting Community Organizing (CSCO) is to work for the shalom of our society (Jeremiah 29:7) and of our churches by engaging Evangelical, Holiness and Pentecostal churches in congregation-based community organizations. To work for the shalom is to work for systemic/ structural justice within our communities and churches. By engaging in this work, we are seeking to bring all of life under the Lordship of Christ.


The mission of CSCO is to motivate, enable and support churches and pastors of Evangelical, Holiness and Pentecostal traditions to become active members of regionally- and nationally-networked congregation-based community organizations in their city.

Christians Supporting Community Organizing,

Christians Supporting Community Organizing,
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Dr. Stephen Mott,
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People of Power on DVD Sets

        There are now six sets of “Building A People of Power.” Set 1 has a special price of $45 for 5 session (The World as God Intended). Others are Set 2 (What did Jesus Really Come to Do? - 4 sessions) at $55; Set 3 (Building a Church of Power – 6 sessions) $75; Set 4 (building Relation Power – 4 sessions) $55; Set 5 Using Your Power – 5 sessions) $65; and Set 6 (How to Develop – 3 sessions) - $45. Shipping is $10 per order. Order at www.cscoweb.org/order.html.

CSCO Relates to Organizers and Evangelicals

        Members of CSCO have been active in Boston, Southwest US and the Midwest relating to organizers about reaching evangelical, Pentecostal and holiness churches for organizing. There have been real gains. As they relate organizers are introduced to our website for their and their members use. CSCO and Worcester Interfaith sponsored a luncheon with Bob Linthicum for 25 EPH leaders, representing 12 churches. Growing out of this luncheon a large suburban evangelical church is sponsoring the Building a People of Power video series for its outreach leaders.  
      CSCO members led another all day workshop at the Gordon-Conwell Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME).  This year there were 60 students in attendance, primarily people of color, to wrestle with the biblical and theological grounding, and strategy, of faith based community organizing.

                   Website Progresses                                       www.cscoweb.org

 In December 1693 hits came to our website of which 832 came from our Google/Yahoo ads. This means that 861 accesses can be broken down into 309 going first to our homepage and 552 going first to another page. This is the summary of analysis you received in early Febbruary on CSCO Discuss. We also advertised in Sojourners, SojoNet, and Social Policy.


     Are you aware of the CSCO-Discuss email list? This list provides more regular updates about CSCO. You can discuss your ideas with others. We encourage you to join the list if you’ve not yet joined. To subscribe, send an email message from the email address that you want to use for the list to:  

CSCODiscuss - subscribe@Yahoogroups.com


 2005 Annual Meeting

In Malibu CSCO members heard Bob Linthicum speak about reaching organizers. It was very exciting and we all learned a great deal. The main talk is on our website at www.cscoweb.org/talk.html.

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