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(Note: Start with these two reflections and Bible Studies ( pdf))
Fifty Two Reflections and Studies

    CSCO leaders present fifty two biblical reflections and fifty two bible studies. They will be added regularly. In addition click below for Bible verses.

Thirty Memory Verses on Social Justice

200 Justice Bible Passages Studied

Biblical Reflections by Stephen Mott

    Stephen Charles Mott, author of Biblical Ethics and Social Change (Oxford U., 1982) and A Christian Perspective on Political Thought (Oxford U., 1993), is a retired clergy member of the New England
Conference of the United Methodist church.   He was Professor of Christian Social Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for twenty-five years and pastored for ten years. He is President of the James Luther Adams Foundation and was past Chair of the Church and Society Committee of the New England Conference, United Methodist Church. He received his Ph.D. in the study of religion from Harvard University in 1972. His Bible Reflections are from Christian Social Action magazine.

    Bible Studies by Richard Righter
         Try printing them out to answer questions - pdf best - you may print out 
All the bible studies on pdf - 1.17 MB

   Richard Righter pastored urban churches for forty years in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dayton, Ohio. His ministry has included heading LEAD, a church-based community organization in Dayton. His Christian life all started in Berkeley when he was converted while in graduate school through the ministry of Robert B. Munger and Ron Frase. Righter obtained his Ph.D. from Union Graduate School of Cincinnati in 1976 in Economics, Biblical Studies, and Social Change. He has been married for forty three years. They have two daughters.

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