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John A. Dowie, one of Pentecostalism's Roots

Note: John Dowie established a flourishing ministry in Chicago and then established Zion City, a 6500 acre city 42 miles north of Chicago along Lake Michigan.   (Restoring the Faith. Edith L. Blumhofer, 1993, p. 23)

     "In the fall of 1899 Dowie declared his 'Three Months War Against the Hosts of Hell in Chicago,' and for that period few segments of society were spared his wrath. The followers had been reminded that the church was supposed to protest where ever sin was found. ...Dowie's terrier-like persistence in attacking and condemning major segments of society such as the press, politicians, doctors, freemasonry and the major denominations - the latter for allowing the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and saying little about overall social reform - aggravated and aroused these groups on a wide front. His 'Holy War' created hostility with those who felt the sting of his barbs. ... During the 'holy war,' the organization accompanied the leader and frequently protected him from the ever present mob. ... The 'holy war' was finally brought to an end when on New Year's Eve, 1899, the leader announced the opening of a city (Zion City) for his followers" (Zion City, Illinois: Twentieth-Century Utopia, Philip L. Cook, 1996, p. 20-2)

      "Our object is the establishment of the Rule of God in every department of government, by the free will of the people. We declare our conviction that the Holy Scriptures ... constitute the principles of all righteous government for the individual, for the nation and for the whole world. ...
     "The politics, the religion, the social ethics of the press are entirely dependent upon the directions which are given in the counting-house. ... I do not believe there ever will be a truly honest and God-fearing newspaper in Chicago until Zion prints it. ...
       "We left our carriage amidst a storm of yells and curses and the throwing of bottles containing filthy-smelling liquids. Meanwhile, out in the streets, the police ... were charging the crowd and using their batons freely ... the patrol wagons were summoned from all parts of the west side of the city, and large numbers of the rioters were arrested." (John Dowie in Leaves, October 20, 1899, in Cook, p. 110, 21-22)

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