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Equipping CSCO Members to Carry Out CSCO’s Mission

The members of Christians Supporting Community Organizing can prepare themselves to lead Christian leaders, particularly Evangelical, Holiness, and Pentecostal leaders, into a Christian understanding and commitment to faith based community organizing.  

Those whom we are trying to reach needed to be reminded of biblical justice, we assume some level of justice commitment among those we consider ready.  We need to locate the passages that we personally are most fond of for this.  We then should move to why power is needed for that kind of justice and why it involves conflict.  One can think of some biblical bases for this.  We then move to showing how community organizing can be a tool for carrying that out.   We should also look for ways that we can contribute from our own personal story.

Sources that can help us prepare for that include Bob Linthicum’s curriculum, as well as his other important writings on community organizing.  We also suggest sections in Stephen Mott’s Biblical Ethics and Social Change, Part one and the last chapter, and also his A Christian Perspective on Political Thought, chap. 1 on power and chap. 5 on justice. 
CSCO Leadership Team (Dick Righter, Stephen Mott, Wally Tilleman)

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