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(Excerpts from the Conclusion of The Kingdom Strikes Back, an electronic book from the Nazarene tradition.)


 The Kingdom strikes back -- Signs of the Messiah at work

by Howard Culbertson


"Jesus said His kingdom would appear insignificant as it emerged. The Kingdom would at first, He said, seem no more than a tiny mustard seed. Not at all impressive. Old Testament prophets predicted people wouldn't even recognize the Kingdom at first. Isaiah, for instance, said that the Messiah would be "despised and rejected" (Isaiah 53:3). Jesus came to a people who were expecting a Messiah to appear. Many of them, however, did not recognize Him; He just did not seem impressive enough.
To some looking on today, God's kingdom may not inspire awe. Don't be caught napping. The Kingdom is present. It is growing in presence and power. I've glimpsed some mighty Kingdom feats in Haiti. Today the Kingdom is at work there as well as elsewhere. In Haiti, the Kingdom is giving sight to the blind. It is cleansing the lepers, making the deaf to hear, and making the lame to walk. Most important of all, the Kingdom is giving the Good News to the poor.
As I've watched the Holy Spirit at work in Haiti, I always come away reassured that on the day of the Resurrection, Jesus will remove all disorders and blemishes from our bodies. He will clothe us in immortal health, beauty, and glory That's our hope. This brutal, cruel world will pass away. It will be replaced by a reign of peace. Defaced beauty will be restored. Wounds will be healed. All sorrows will be lifted.
Around the globe, we're getting a foretaste of this. Christ is at the Father's right hand. Today the Lord of Lords and King of Kings offers His invincible power to His Church.
The Messiah has come. We have seen the signs of His work. The Kingdom is striking back."

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