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Mission for Evangelicals

The Organizing Networks Speak
 Organizing DefinedWhat Organizing is NotWhy Organize?,  
 Relation to Faith
Power and Self Interest, Good Samaritan, Organizing PrinciplesCall to Justice, School, Library, Approaching Organizing

 Organizing as Congregational Mission
Twelve Reasons to Organize,   Doctrine IssuesSider supports,  Pentecostals,  Listening,   Wheaton Prof,
What Evangelicals BelieveFaith, Luscombe

Clergy and Laity Proclaim on Organizing
Bishop DixonLeaders Testify, Paul's Eight Uses of Power, Obama
 Power and ExodusRivers on Community, Testimonies
Organizing and Community Development
(or pdf),   MillerLinthicum, Linth2,  Development
Organizing Styles

Organizing Helps Democracy
Save Democracy,   Democratic Practice,   Worcester Case,
New York State Case,  Accountability, Linthicum, Linth2, Metropolitan Strategy

On Organizers and the State of Organizing
Cortez,    An Organizer's Day,  
Interfund Study Mike Miller Book, More MillerEven MoreMore Denominational Decline (talk by Linthicum)

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