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Phoebe Palmer was an early woman evangelist who also was a leader to starting the first settlement house in New York City.  The first Palmer quotes come the book, Phoebe Palmer: Selected Writings, ed. Tomas C. Oden.  

on slavery
""Tis Ethiopia's vented sigh, Heard in that grief-imploring moan; Hear, Christians, hear her anguished cry, 'Restore, restore to us our own; Oh! land with sons and daughters free, Make our long captive ones like thee. ... Doth liberty stand mountain-strong, And view such claims unsatisfied, When she hath cried so loud, so long, And Freemen have her call denied? Wake! Patriots, wake, cry, now be free! Rise Afric, hail thy liberty." ("Ode for the Fourth of July, 1831, p. 84)

on Palmer
     "For Phoebe Palmer, the experience of divine grace led directly to an energetic life of active social service. Rather than following an individualistic patter frequently association with Protestant pietism, she became a leading innovator of social action and reform in urban American Protestantism. She established one of America's earliest prison ministries, visiting prisoners regularly in New York's notorious prison, The Tombs. She contributed materially to the relief of the urban poor, worked at alcoholic rehabilitation, and cared personally for orphans and the hungry." (p. 12)

This excerpt is from The Life and letters of Mrs. Phoebe Palmer, 1881.

     "When the rebels took up arms, and made themselves so obviously outlaws, who would not have thought that the abolishment of slavery, might have gone on quietly and surely, without so much pandering to the South. ... I do not doubt but the God of nations has long had a controversy with us on account of this national sin, and an awful conviction has rested on my mind that thousands, if not tens of thousands, of those who are flesh of our flesh, and bone of our bone, may yet fall, if we do not, as a national, hasten to the thing that is right before God and man."

The following quotes come from Four Years in the Old World, by Phoebe Palmer, 1867.

      "Men of wealth and position we have in most churches. These, by virtue of their station have a work to do which those of lower worldly position cannot so well reach. But, alas! how few rich men are willing to be answerable to the responsibilities of their position, and in faithfulness remind their neighbors, rolling in luxury and ease, of the necessity of living in preparation for eternity, in view of the shortness of time and the reckonings of the last day!" (p. 157-8)

     "Every one is acquainted with European customs , and habits of thought, is aware that the distinction between the poor and the rich, or the common people and the aristocracy, is humiliating to a degree unknown in most parts of America. It is seen in every thing, and everywhere abounds. 
     "Now the King of kings, and Lord of lards, the blessed and only Potentate, seems to be singling out the most lowly in life as subjects of his kingdom. The rich and honorable of this world look on with awe and amazement. I would not, of course, favor the idea that God is a respecter of persons. But now God is pouring contempt on human pride. The illiterate poor, who have little opportunity for the attainment of religious knowledge or instruction of any sort, are being enlightened by the direct rays of the Sun of Righteousness in a seemingly miraculous manner' while those who have all their lives listened to the gospel in their cushioned pews are left to follow what they have long known to be the voice of conscience, without these extraordinary influences."

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