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Scottus on the Just Ruler    

"In human affairs no art, as they say, is more difficult than to rule well amidst the stormy tempests of this turbulent world and to govern the state wisely. And this art attains its highest degree of perfection when the state itself has prudent and superlative counselors. ... (Prov. 11:14; 11:14) For a prudent man summons other prudent men into counsel and does nothing without their advice but a foolish man deliberates by himself and does whatever he hastily desires without the counsel of others. Finally, the third rule in counsels to be observed is that a just ruler should not have deceitful and pernicious counselors. Who, indeed, should trust in the counsels of the wicked? ... Such wicked counselors, therefore, should be in every way repudiated and detested, since those who scorn God's commandments by living evilly will never be devoted to an earthly prince. Indeed, for whom can those who are evil to themselves be of any benefit? ...

"10. In considering these things it should also be understood, as wise men hold, that there are eight pillars which strongly support the kingdom of a just king. The first pillar is truth in all royal affairs; the second pillar is patience in every matter; the third, generosity in gifts; the fourth, persuasiveness or affability in speech; the fifth, the correction or suppression of evil men; the sixth, the friendship and exaltation of good men; the seventh, the lightness of tribute imposed upon the people; and the eighth, the equality of justice between the rich and the poor. And so, there are eight pillars which both uphold the kingdom of a just king in this world and guide him to the immutability of eternal glory."

Sedulius Scottus, On Christian rulers, 6 & 10, 855-859. Scottus was an emigre Irish Scholar in Liege, France. 

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