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Words from A. B. Simpson

A. B. Simpson, a founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, had a great social conscience. These words are quoted by Daniel J. Evearitt in his book, Body & Soul: Evangelism and the Social Concern of A. B.Simpson.
The page numbers are from Evearitt's book. 

     "The Cross of Christ elevates human society, gives freedom to the slave, sets women free from degradation and shame, builds every hospital that ever sheltered a sufferer, sends its red cross banner to the battle field, and better still, teaches the nations to turn their swords into plow-shares and study war no more." (August 3, 1907 - p. 91)

     "True Christian service ... includes the ministry of help in all its forms and the work of soul-winning everywhere." (August 15, 1908 - p. 121)

     "Go to the sweat shops of our manufacturing cities, see the poor, attenuated women and children that are toiling for a pittance in suffocating workrooms with long hours of half-remunerated toil. ... You can hoard your money if you please, you can enjoy the banquet and the song if you will, you can grind the face of the poor and compel them to toil on your hard terms ... but remember that God is bringing you to judgment ... all the witnesses will meet you face to face some day, and then how you will wish that you could live your life once again." (August 6, 1910 - p. 126)

     "... the work of human philanthropy, to temperance and social reform, to good government clubs and political conflicts against the evils of society, and all have their places, but, alas, they are under the sun, and they shall end like Solomon's dream in vanity and vexation. ... we shall find out perhaps too late that the onll\y remedy for earth's wrongs is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the kingdom of His grace and glory." (Is Life Worth Living?, 14-15 - p. 93)

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