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 A Talk About Organizers

by Robert Linthicum, May 26, 2004

     The following audio files present segments of a talk at the Christians Supporting Community Organizing annual conference. Robert Linthicum provides wisdom out of his years of experience as an evangelical working with organizers. 

Note: These files are on streaming audio so you should not have to wait to hear them. If you do, go to real.com and download their free software.

About Evangelicals (13 1/2 minutes)
   Three Basic Points
       The self interest of organizers to reach EPH churches
      What Evangelicals are
      The Key of Scripture
   A very relational faith
   The Evangelical Culture

An Approach to Evangelicals (17 minutes)
   History of Social Reform
   What happened to Evangelicals?
   Can Evangelicalism be saved? (8 minutes)
   A Different Approach - Nehemiah

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