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Wesley on Social Issues

     "There must still remain an essential difference between justice and injustice, cruelty and mercy. So that I ask, Who can reconcile this treatment of the Negroes, first and last, with either mercy or justice? ... I absolutely deny all slave holding to be consistent with any degree of natural justice. ...

     "I ask, First, Why are thousands of people starving, perishing for want, in every part of the nation? ... Why have all these nothing to eat? Because they have nothing to do. The plain reason why they have no meat is because they have no work. ... But why are port, poultry, and eggs so dear? Because of the monopolizing of farms; perhaps as mischievous a monopoly as was ever introduced into these kingdoms. The land which some years ago divided between ten or twenty little farmers, and enabled them comfortably to provide for their families, is now generally engrossed by one great farmer. ... Thousands of people throughout the land are perishing for want of food. This is owing in various causes: but above all, to distilling, taxes, and luxury. ... How can the price of pork be reduced? ... By repressing luxury; whether by laws, by example, or by both. I had almost said by the grace of God; but to mention this has been long out of fashion." (John Wesley quoted in Christian Social Teachings edited by George W. Forell, 1966, p. 284-291)

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