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About Us   

(Note: What you read below is part of the original proclamation establishing Christians Supporting Community Organizing (CSCO). Click proclamation for the entire proclamation (also on pdf)



We speak in the tradition of the great revivals of the 18th and 19th centuries when our predecessors led the struggle to:

abolish slavery;

create real neighborhoods to replace slum conditions that forced people to live in degrading poverty;

end child labor, as well as other abuses of working people; and,

extend the right to vote to women.

We speak in the liberating tradition of the African-American church which has historically understood God's purpose to include community, justice and freedom. In this tradition, we stand with:

the slaves whose Christianity embodied the prophetic voice of Israel and who

reminded us that the City on the Hill was also Pharaoh's Egypt;

the abolitionists who struggled to end slavery; and,

the civil rights movement of the 20th century.

We speak in the tradition of the Azusa Street Pentecostal movement which:

recognized the importance of community, and challenged a concept of individualism that affirmed human independence by denying our interdependence;

broke barriers of race, ethnicity and gender by recognizing the uniqueness and gifts of all people; and,

reaffirmed the presence and power of the Holy Spirit among us.

In these traditions, to those who share them with us, we speak.


Giving and Gaining

  We have something to give. Our strong belief in the Person of Jesus Christ, our desire to be led and empowered by the Spirit and our anchor in the Scriptures creates zeal as we seek to act according to our faith. Once convinced we bring passion and talent to our commitments.

    We have something to gain. We can receive the strength that comes from people acting in unity. Together, we can develop godly power to challenge the principalities and powers and bring about positive changes in our neighborhoods, cities, metropolitan areas, states and nation.

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  CSCO, P.O. Box 60123, Dayton, OH 45406; email: cscocbco@charter.net phone: 937-276-4077